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We're much like a family with lots of pets here at the hospital. Click on us to learn about who we are and why we are at Country Care Pet Hospital.

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Michele Bane
Michele Bane

Michele Bane

Michele has fed her passion for animal care from a very young age, and has worked with a wide variety of species, in a ton of contexts!

Whether she's training a dolphin to perform voluntary medical behaviors like blood draws and endoscopy, or rescuing an entangled wild Hawaiian monk seal; she thrives on improving animal well-being.

Michele is especially passionate about behavior and nutrition - she even started a business selling homemade dog food! Other areas of interest throughout Michele's career include whale research, turtle training, and teaching workshops on dog nutrition and DIY dog food. Ask Michele all of your burning behavior and nutrition questions - Country Care offers behavioral and nutritional consultations!

Michele conducts a visual health assessment on Shaka the Dolphin at Dolphin Quest Hawaii.
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