Low-Stress Handling

Dr. Gerber is Low-Stress Handling CERTIFIED!

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As of June 2018, our very own Dr. Gretchen Gerber is certified by Low-Stress Handling® University, a program developed by renowned veterinarian and behaviorist Sophia Yin. The program is founded on recognizing fear in pets, and handling animals in innovative ways that create positive experiences in a veterinary hospital environment. You can read more at their website by clicking on their logo here:

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What are we doing at Country Care to minimize stress during your pet's visit?

  • Recognizing early signs of fear and anxiety in your pet;
  • Approaching your pet using postures and positioning that take care to avoid intimidation;
  • Using treats, affection, toys, and pheromones in the environment to create a positive experience from start to finish;
  • Minimizing restraint, force, loud voices, and chemical sedation in favor of a calm and fun vet visit for your pet!

What can you do to help de-stress your pet's visit?

  • Skip breakfast! A hungry pet will be less car-sick and more responsive to treats from the hospital staff.
  • Bring dogs on a leash and cats in a carrier.
  • Ask us about Feliway® for cats and Adaptil® for dogs - these are synthetic versions of the pheromones your pets produce naturally to calm themselves and each other. They can be used before a vet visit to reduce anxiety and fear.
  • Ask us about all-natural calming treats you can give your pet before a visit.